Friday, January 4, 2008

And How True Is This?

"I'm not a lawyer. I know some law. In fact, I know a lot of law. And I made some money out of the law. But I'm not a lawyer. That's why I can see what the law is like. It's like a single-bed blanket on a double bed and three folks in the bed and a cold night. There aint never enough blanket to cover the case, no matter how much pulling and hauling, and somebody is always going to nigh catch pneumonia. Hell, the law is like the pants you bought last year for a growing boy, but it is always THIS year and the seams are popped and the shankbones to the breeze. The law is always too short and too tight for growing mankind. The best you can do is do something and then make up some law to fit and by the time the law gets on the books you have done something different ..."

Robert Penn Warren, All the King's Men

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